Kelly Clarkson’s New Single “Our Hearts Go Out Too” Marks a Resonant Return

Pop powerhouse and American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson, who has always had a distinctive presence in the music industry, returns to set fire with the release of her latest single, “Our Hearts Go Out Too.” The emotionally charged anthem features not just the strong vocal power of Clarkson but also gives insight into her depth as a songwriter who touches on themes of empathy, unity, and healing in times of collective pain.

In a year when the world has often felt both polarized and full of division, Clarkson’s new song arrives as something of a balm: a reminder of how music holds the power to bring people together. “Our Hearts Go Out Too” is more than a song, though: it’s a sincerely expressed message to those who may feel powerless in times of such troubled global events.

Kelly Clarkson seems always to be able to dig deep down within herself when it comes to emotion with her music, and this single proves not to be any different. Opening with the lightest of pianos, the touch is reflective before Clarkson’s iconic voice—powerful and yet tender—enters. Its verses build slowly to a chorus that soars poignantly. “In the darkest of times we find a common light,” she sings—a lyric befitting a universal message in finding hope and commonality amid the mire.

This was captured by Clarkson, who revealed that “Our Hearts Go Out Too” took its inspiration from a bunch of issues which collectively had troubled the world for some years—from the unfolding of the global pandemic to writhing under social and political issues.

At a time when so much solitude and helplessness are felt with such ease, the music of Clarkson speaks poignantly to remind listeners of their common humanity and the greatness that issues from loving each other.

The song was produced by Jesse Shatkin, a long-claimed partner of Clarkson, and the lush arrangement presents both organic and subtle electronic elements to support the singer’s voice.

This sonic landscape serves to give the emotion of the song only, enveloping the listener in such a way that afterward, long after the final note has fallen away to silence, the emotion of the song can still be found.

“Our Hearts Go Out Too” enjoyed overwhelmingly positive reviews by critics, who described the piece as a sophisticated composition that hailed the efforts of its performer—Clarkson, for being able to craft music that soothes directly to the soul.

Fans took to social media from personal loss stories that ranged to finding hope in hard times to show how the song touched them. It is this direct line to the listener’s emotions that has always made Clarkson’s music special.

Beyond its emotional depth, “Our Hearts Go Out Too” also marks a significant moment in Clarkson’s career. Following her celebrated return to live performances and the continued success with her talk show hosting job, the single re-solidifies her status as the best versatile and sustaining talent in today’s music industry.

Nearly two decades after her victory on American Idol, it’s a powerful reminder of how timely and arresting Clarkson’s voice continues to be. And during the course of a recent interview, the last in the clip, Clarkson shares that “Our Hearts Go Out Too” is just the tip of the iceberg for what’s to come.

With plans for a full album and tour on the horizon, fans have much to look forward to. But, to this day, “Our Hearts Go Out Too” simply stands as compelling testimony to the level of artistry that Clarkson brings to her work—and her stubborn unwillingness to do anything other than make music that heals, brings us together, and sends us back out into the world inspired.

In the middle of our world’s trying and uncertain times, the song “Our Hearts Go Out Too” by Kelly Clarkson worked perfectly well to remind just how powerful music can be in drawing people together. It’s a song that doesn’t just show her amazing gift but also shows her heart; in so doing, it shows the power of being empathic, kind, and the human spirit that can’t be broken.


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